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Opus oléa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

A GOLD-awarded, superb quality extra virgin olive oil with a sublime taste profile that enhances and elevates your food and adds everyday elegance to your meals.

Single origin hand-harvested olives, grown with sustainable farming methods in southern Greece.  No chemical pesticides or fertilisers used. Always 100% latest harvest.  No air miles.

Family-owned, small-scale limited production that prioritises excellence over volume of output.  Produced under scrupulous hygiene standards and quality control. Raw, cold extraction within just a few hours of harvest.   

Single olive variety, made with 100% "Koroneiki" variety olives.  

Minimal free acidity that is of a rare 0.2% to 0.3% (ie. up to 4x better than the regulatory limit of 0.8% for extra virgin olive oil). 

High in polyphenols (legal health claim, as well over the legal threshold of 250mg/kg).

Available in glass bottles, each containing 500ml.