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In the production and bottling of Opus Oléa only the highest industry standards of hygiene are used so that there is no contamination.  We use the strictest quality controls and are certified for ISO22000 and HAACP standards.

There are no fillers, additives or preservatives in Opus oléa.  There is no over-processing, meaning the application of heat and chemical solvents to leach more oil out of the fruit.  This is a raw product.

Our olive groves are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  We use age-old, traditional and sustainable agricultural methods which are starkly opposed to current high-intensity farming methods and all their negative consequences.  A detailed chemical analysis for every batch of our oil, checking for hundreds of chemicals commonly used in high-intensity agriculture, proves that there is zero contamination with such substances in our grove or our oil. 

Our olive groves, fruit and resulting oil are GMO-free,  meaning they never had their genetic material tampered with to achieve higher crop yields, as is done with the vast majority of seed oils such as corn, rapeseed/canola and sunflower.

A premium quality extra virgin olive oil like Opus oléa stands out among other plant oils or animal fats due to its high content of vitamins and antioxidant polyphenols

Its lipids structure (ie. the proportion of saturated and mono- and poly-unsaturated fats) is very well balanced to mirror that of the human body.

The Mediterranean diet, widely acclaimed as one of the healthiest in the world, has olive oil as its cornerstone.  The Mediterranean diet leads to lifespans reportedly increased on average by 10 years and to an old age relatively free from dementia and Alzheimer's, lower in cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and many other unpleasant conditions. 

Also read our articles on how oliveoil protects meats and fish from developing carcinogenic compounds during grilling as well as how olive oil reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates.  Good quality olive oil further protects the gut microbiome, which in turn has a multitude of positive effects on overall body function. 

High quality olive oil such as ours is the original superfood since ancient times.  The human body needs about 30% of its daily calorie intake to come from fat to function optimally.  High quality olive oil is an excellent source to cover this need.

Opus oléa is cold pressed and, while the general standard for other extra virgin olive oils means extraction at 27 degrees Celsius, we never exceed 25 degrees Celsius and target keeping the process at close to 22-23 degrees.  This yields an oil that has not lost its natural antioxidants, polyphenols and the vivacity of the fresh olive fruit aromas.

In our olive grove we respect biodiversity and allow the natural ecosystem to thrive.  Our traditional and gentle harvesting methods where olives are handpicked from the tree, are cruelty free and do not disturb or decimate bird populations as is done when harvesting machines are used in high-intensity olive farming.  Our modern mill, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, adheres to all environmental standards and to scrupulous levels of hygiene.

Our dark glass bottles are specially made to block out UV rays that are damaging to high quality olive oil.  We use recycled carton boxes for packing and shipping.