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Everyone can appreciate what goes into the crafting of a fine quality product.

You know the difference between real Madagascan bourbon vanilla beans and low-priced, artificial substitutes. 

You taste the difference between fine Wagyu beef and mass produced, poor quality steaks. 

You savor the distinction of a fine single malt whisky compared to a run-of-the-mill blend.

Instead of your typical mass produced oil, Opus oléa is:

*Monovarietal oil made from 100% native "Koroneiki" olives that distinguish themselves for their high antioxidant levels and their splendid aroma profile. 

* Single-origin from olive trees grown under the sunshine of the southern mainland of Greece, which has the ideal terroir for olive growth, known since ancient times.

* Sustainably and traditionally farmed without the adverse ecological impact of high-intensity farming.

* Non-GMO and all natural 

* Made from only the freshest, most unblemished, highest grade olives.

* Made with no application of heat or chemical solvents (used to leach oil out of the olives unnaturally) and no chemical deodorants, preservatives or fillers. 

* Unblended and pure.

* Made with the highest hygiene standards market-wide and with scrupulous quality control.

* Encased in special dark glass bottles that protect this precious oil from harmful UV rays.

* Chemical free.  Every batch of olive oil chemically analyzed to ensure that only top quality oil is bottled and that there are no contaminants from chemical pesticides and fertilisers from other fields in the wider area. 

* Versatile. Can be used raw, as well as for roasting, baking and cooking up to temperatures of 210 degrees Celsius.

With Opus Oléa you are confident that the bottle you hold in your hand is only the very best.   

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