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Opus oléa is about the pleasure of the sensesand about how it makes you feel.  After all, food is one of the great joys in life.  Opus oléa enhances and elevates your cuisine, it gives it an everyday elegance and deepens its flavours.  Its profile of herbal and fruity aromas sets it apart from common, mass-produced olive oils. 

What you experience here is a fresh and full-of-vitality oil that is a quintessential single-variety and single-origin oil.

Opus oléa's superb aroma profile of balanced fruity, bittersweet and slightly peppery in the finish, is testament to its high content in antioxidant polyphenols. 

When you try our olive oil you will experience its harmony of aromas with notes of tomato, fresh green almond, the herbs of the olive grove, green apple and artichoke - the Opus oléa.  Even the label on our bottle was inspired by the notes in this aroma profile.

Opus oléa has a clean mouthfeel and a smooth, light consistency.  It is such a pleasure to dip a fresh-baked piece of crusty bread in it!  Drizzle it over a colourful, fresh salad and it can conjure up memories of warm, sunny places and of carefree, happy times.  Opus oléa is a very versatile oil that is used in roasting, cooking, baking and shallow frying as well as in dressing and finishing.  Due to its high quality grade it can safely be heated to 210 degrees Celsius, which is adequate for roasting and baking in the oven as well as cooking on the hob and lightly shallow frying vegetables, fish, potatoes and eggs in a pan.  We do not recommend Opus oléa for deep fat frying.

We want the food we eat to make us feel good.  Opus oléa never leaves you with the heavy oily, clogging, bloating and sluggish feeling that other oils do.  It naturally makes you feel good!

Share the pleasure and warmth that comes from a wonderful meal!  Share the love of Opus oléa.

Everywhere in the world we ventured, we brought our love for delicious shared meals and our extra virgin olive oil with us.  With those we met along the way it started a conversation that is continuously ongoing.

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