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Truth is about values.  It is about responsibility, integrity and accountability with respect to our cultivation methods.  It is about transparency, authenticity and honesty with respect to our production methods.  Truth is also about our individual path and our personal stories. It is about the continuous seeking of truth with and through the original tree of life, the olive tree.

Opus oléa extra virgin olive oil is grown and made in the south of Greece, in the province of Western Messinia.  This area has the perfect terroir and climate conditions for growing olive trees.  It is the cradle of olive culture since ancient times and the olive tree is native to it for thousands of years. 

Our olive oil is made from a single variety of olive, it is a monovarietal and not mixed with other inferior and therefore lower price varieties.  The olive variety is called "Koroneiki" and amongst the hundreds of olive varieties, it is arguably one of the very best there are. 

From its olive fruits we produce the highest quality grade of olive oil, which is the extra virgin olive oil quality grade.  Other grades like virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, pomace / lampante olive oil or various others are all inferior in quality grade and production standards. 

Our olive oil is never mixed with other types of cheaper oils such as seed oils.  None of the dubious practices of lower price producers, such as the addition of alkalis to inferior oils to reduce the acidity level, are used here. Beware, the bargain "extra virgin" oils are probably cheap for a reason!  With us, you get 100% un-adulterated, high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Opus oléa is not blended with other olive oils coming from various different countries and different areas.  Our olive oil is single origin and comes from our grove directly to your table.

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