About Us

Opus oléa was born from an international family with strong roots in Greece.  Our family has owned land, including an olive grove, in Greece for over 175 years.  While we carry many influences from decades lived internationally, our soul is Greek and tied to our land, to which we always return. 

Opus oléa is a project of passion, conviction and engagement for us.  We believe strongly that high quality extra virgin olive oil makes a difference to one's life and to the world.  The olive tree has been an enduring symbol of peace since ancient times.

Our aim is to be a bridge and a link between cultures and to cross-pollinate with the best practices amongst the different worlds.

We are looking to take our formidable extra virgin olive oil to the next level, integrating it with world cuisines.  We intend to preserve the best that our wise traditions have given us and adapt them to contemporary living.

We care about looking after the environment, engaging in fair practices and promoting sustainability.  Our exceptionally high standards can only be achieved within a limited, small-batch, artisanal production.

We are a part of the Guild of Fine Food.

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