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1) Richard - 5 stars - I met the producer of this wonderful oil at a food fair and learned so much about olive oil from them.  Who knew about the quality grades, different varieties  and all the health benefits of olive oil?  Plus I truly enjoy the taste of this oil.  I'm a convert to this product now.

2) Rose - 5 stars - Delicious.  Will buy again.  What a great find!

3) Zoe - 5 stars - Bought this bottle at my local deli.  Liked the look of it and asked the deli owner about it.  He said it's the best one of his oils and asked me to write a review if I liked it, so I promised I would.  The test was at home in my own kitchen, where I opened the bottle and was met with a lovely fresh and green scent.  The taste was wonderful. Can recommend this oil.

4) Ayisha - 5 stars - I love olive oil and always like to try new brands.  This is definitely one of the better ones.  It feels alive rather than flat and dead as many other oils taste and smell.

5) Linda - 5 stars - I am following a keto diet and am trying to avoid bad quality fats. I found that this healthy olive oil really makes me really feel so much better after every meal.