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Authentic Greek Salad

February 05, 2022 2 min read

Classic Greek salad with Opus Olea extra virgin olive oil

This classic Greek Salad conjures up holidays on the Mediterranean coast along with all the sensations of joy that come with it. We can't help but want to re-create one to enjoy.

A word on Greek salad - the authentic and purist version: it is a deeply seasonal dish, made up of what would normally grow in one's garden during the hot Greek summer, when we yearn for lighter, fresher meals.

Items that belong in a Greek salad:

❤️ fresh ripe tomato (optional: skin and de-seed)
💚 English cucumber (peeled, preferably deseeded and chopped)
🧡onion (red, brown or white - we prefer red - thinly sliced)
💛 green bell pepper (yellow pepper is acceptable)
🤍 feta cheese (cubed and/or crumbled)
💜 Kalamata olives (there is only one kind)
💚 Greek dried oregano (the only type with the right intensity)
💓 Opus olea extra virgin olive oil 💓
Optional ingredients:
* capers and/or caper leaves
* Spring onions (chopped)

Ingredients that do NOT belong in a real, proper Greek salad:
❌lettuce leaves of any type, ❌garlic in any form, ❌ any herbs other than oregano ❌carrot, ❌vinegar, soy sauce or any other complex dressing, ❌chickpeas or other pulses etc. etc.

The saltiness of the feta cheese, the gentle vinegar-iness of the Kalamata olives, the brininess of the capers together with the juices of the tomato, the fresh aromas of the extra virgin olive oil and the oregano, the sweetness of the red onion and the crunchiness of the cucumber are truly an amazing Summer composition that is meant to be light and fresh not overly filling or heavy. Serve with fresh, crusty bread from the bakery.

Of course there can be many variations on this theme with all sorts of additions that are extensions to the core recipe.  It is nice to have the classic as a reference to build upon.