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Cooking Something Tasty: 17 Clever Ways to Use Chili Oil

May 23, 2023 3 min read

chili oil

Cooking oils are essential in determining the food's texture and taste. They can enhance flavour and improve nutrition. One of the best ways to create various delicious oils is by infusing olive oil with flavours. You can make it with multiple ingredients and find high-quality options in  speciality stores. This article discusses some creative ways to use chili oil.  In most cases the various chili oils you find in the supermakets have chemically processed seed oils as their base.  For a healthier option, it’s great to have an olive oil-based chili infused oil for a change. 

1. Pair Chili Oil with Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a delicious carbohydrate source to power your busy day. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying them plain, you can boost their taste by adding a spoonful of chili oil and some crumbled feta cheese on top.

2. Toss It with Cucumbers

Cucumbers are nutritious, refreshing vegetables that make the perfect snack. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them alone or with other dishes, you can satisfy your nightly cravings by mixing cucumbers with chili oil (as well as something zingy like apple cider vinegar and something sweet like honey or a little bit of sugar). 

3. Drizzle It over Tomatoes

Salads are one of the freshest and healthiest foods to eat. They contain essential vitamins and minerals. These dishes can also be tasty with suitable oils. You can add a spicy twist to your food by drizzling chili olive oil over the tomatoes. A touch of chili pairs so well with the mild sweetness of the fresh tomatoes.

4. Pour Chili Olive Oil on Noodles

Add Sichuan peppercorns and sesame seeds to the chili olive oil in this classic Chinese cold-noodle dish. It's a perfect lunch option to prepare in advance, giving a lip-tingling and nutty flavour. 

5. Add It to Pasta

Enjoying pasta for lunch or dinner sounds lovely, but you can improve by creating a delicious sauce combining chili oil, butter, and fresh basil. 

6. Use It like It’s Your Favourite Hot Sauce

Adding spice like chili olive oil can enhance dairy-based soups like bisques and chowders. That way, it will balance the smooth and creamy texture.

7. Use It to Marinate Meat

Replace regular oil with chili olive oil in marinades for steak, chicken, or pork. Experiment with balsamic-glazed chicken with blue cheese, or add a smoky flavour to grilled steak by adding smoked paprika to the marinade.

8. Spoon Chili Oil over Fried Eggs

Add some chili flakes to the chili olive oil you use to season eggs once they are cooked. It will enhance the flavour of your fried or scrambled eggs.

9. Toss It with Quick-Blanched Vegetables 

You can level up your green bean or broccoli dressing by tossing them with some chili oil. 

10. Add It to Salad Dressing

Make a simple dressing more exciting with some chili olive oil. It’s especially lovely when pairing with salads with a sweet component, like honey, carrots or  fruit.

11. Add It on Slaw 

Add chili olive oil to the dressing for a crunchy slaw salad with extra punch.

12. Pair This Oil with Bacon

Pair bacon-wrapped dates with chili olive oil for a fantastic party snack. 

13. Toss It with Croutons 

This delicious combination allows you to enjoy the lovely warmth and satisfying crispiness.

14. Serve with Crudités

Bagna càuda is a warm sauce made with anchovy, garlic and oil that people typically enjoy by dipping crisp vegetables into it. You can customise the recipe by adding chili olive oil.

15. Top Chili Oil with Wontons

Create a spicy and flavourful dish by adding chili olive oil and soy sauce to a bowl and topping it with pork-stuffed wontons.

16. Try Chili Olive Oil on Sweeter Foods

You can make a spicy chocolate cake by swapping some of the butter or olive oil for chili olive oil. Top with easy ganache. 

17. Chili Oil is a Must with Shellfish

Are you a prawn lover?  Chili olive oil pairs amazingly well with the sweet flesh of prawns and shrimp either on their own or as part of a seafood pasta. 

Spicing up the Next Meal

You deserve to enjoy your meal, whether improving your cooking skills or trying to impress guests. Adding chili olive oil can transform ordinary food into something more exiting. 

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